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A Little History...

I have always wanted a small hobby farm. However, we will forever (although, never say never) be an urban family. I have embraced city living while being able to foster my desire to immerse myself and family in the wonderful world of pet ownership, while teaching about sustainability, ethical breeding practices and the responsibility that comes with raising animals. Lops in general have always been a favourite of mine. I am so happy to be able to share a bit of my passion with you!


About Blue Lilac Rabbitry


We are a small scale Rabbitry located in London, Ontario. We are registered breeders with the American Rabbit Breeding Association (ARBA) and believe in ethical breeding practices while working towards the standards of perfection as outlined by the ARBA. 

Our current focus is on Blue Eyed White (BEW) and the Vienna gene. Currently all of my bunnies are either BEW, Vienna marked (ex. Blue eyes, white patches) or carry the gene (only important in the breeding world). We strive to breed bunnies with good features but do not guarantee that any of our bunnies will be show or breeding quality. 

All of our bunnies are raised within our home. They are part of the everyday life in the house and around dogs, children, and noise. Although personality cannot be guaranteed as the bunny grows, we will never sell a bunny that has bit or been aggressive without disclosing. We value and work on temperament and human imprinting from birth.

Our bunnies leave our house between 8 and 9 weeks. 

We know these gorgeous bunnies will steal your heart as they do ours!

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