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Customer Care Contract

We are always happy to answer questions that you have.

Please note that no bunny will be sold with any known health concern. A basic health check to ensure the teeth look good, the rabbit does not have a runny nose, and all stools  are normal, will be done prior to the rabbit leaving our home. Once the rabbit leaves our home we will not be responsible for any health issues that may arise. 

Our bunnies are bred to improve type while working with certain colour groups. We are currently selling pet quality bunnies only. Please speak to us first if you are a breeder. 

We will do our absolute best with gender identification. Please know though that gender is not guaranteed

A 50 percent deposit will be due at the time of reservation. This is non refundable. Blue Lilac reserves the right to cancel any sale. In the case that Blue Lilac needs to cancel a sale your deposit will be returned to you. 

We will ask that anyone adopting one of our bunnies acknowledges that they have read, and understand, the above.

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